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China Orthodox Press Publishing Company

Q: Who are you?
A: China Orthodox Press Publishing Company was founded by Brotherhood of Saints Apostles Peter and Paul in Hong Kong. Its mission is to publish and distribute literature about Orthodox Christian church in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries in the region.

Q: Can the books be shipped to country X?
A: Yes, the books can be shipped world-wide through Hong Kong Post. On our site you can find a variety of shipping options. We recommend using Air mail or Speedpost options for the fastest delivery.

Q: Can I pay with Alipay?
A: Sure, you can do it at the checkout. Just select Alipay as payment method and then transfer the specified amount of money to account [email protected], associated with phone # 18824108010.

Q: Can I pay by bank transfer?
A: We certainly recommend that you try payment options available on our web site (Paypal, credit cards, Yandex.money), but if none of those works for you we will be happy to accept bank transfer as well. Just contact us.

Q: I made a mistake and want to change (or cancel) my order. Is this possible?
A: Yes, this is possible before the order is shipped.

Q: Are you open for collaboration?
A: Yes, we are interested in working with professional translators from Russian/English to Chinese, as well as authors of Orthodox Christian literature. Also, we would appreciate any kind of sponsorship help, as the translation costs are really big.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Use contact form at our web site, e-mail [email protected], or telephone +852 9438 5021.