Travel journal about my trip Russia (1917-1918)

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For the first time ever the notes of the Dean of Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo — Protopresbyter Simeon Mii Michirō (1858–1940) — about his voyage to Moscow in 1917, for participation in Local Council of the Orthodox Russian Church 1917–1918, are being published. The follower and co-worker of the Equal to the Apostles Bishop Nicholas of Japan (Kasatkin), Mii became the only representative of the Japanese Orthodox Church at the most important Russian Council of the 20th century. Having twice overcome the Trans-Siberian railway, Mii became a witness of the armed conflict in Moscow in Autumn 1917, and a participant in the election and enthronement of Patriarch Tikhon. During the Council Father Simeon met his schoolmates (fellow students of Kiev Theological Academy of 1880s). He left us impartial evidence of revolutionary Moscow and Russia in days of the accession to power of the Bolsheviks. These notes of the Orthodox Japanese have been printed in 1918 in the official journal of the Japanese Orthodox Church and henceforth were never republished. The Japanese text is accompanied by the Russian translation, commentaries and glossary.

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AuthorArchpriest Simeon Mii Michirō
TranslatorO. A. Bonch-Osmolovsky
Publication date2023-01-22
Num. of pages185