Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy


Product Description

This bilingual English-Chinese edition of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy clearly explains the Holy Orthodox Faith, the deviations from it that have been introduced into Christianity by other confessions, and the impediments that these deviations place into the way of those truly seeking salvation. Combating the profound spiritual relativism of our time that has permeated even all of Christianity, Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy shows that adhering to the Holy Orthodox Faith as it has been preserved in the Orthodox Church is necessary for all peoples and all nations who wish to be saved. May the Lord Jesus Christ grant great blessings and perseverance in this Holy Orthodox Faith to the one who has written this work, to those who have labored with sincere love to make it available to Chinese readers, and to all who read it.

Product Information

AuthorArchpriest Victor Potapov
TranslatorConstantine Lu
PublisherOrthodox Brotherhood of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul / OFASC
Publication date2010-07
Num. of pages155