Counsels from the Holy Mountain (Trad. characters)



Product Description

This book is compiled from the main heritage of the letters and homilies of Elder Ephraim of Arizona. The central focus of the book is an assimilation and deep study of the ancient cultural practice of Hesychasm, which constitutes the core and foundational principles of European civilization. The teachings of Elder Ephrem are an authentic source of knowledge and study of essence of Western culture and the phenomenon of European man, since he was not only a teacher of Hesychasm, but also the most outstanding witness and empirical bearer of this tradition in the modern world. The study of Hesychasm and of the Athonite tradition is essential for understanding the linchpin of the Christian world and study of main causes and stimuli for the vivid development of the civilization. However, contents of this book refer to the phenomenon not only of the European world, but also of Eurasian, Middle Eastern, and North African societies.

Product Information

AuthorElder Ephraim
PublisherSt Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery
Publication date2023-02-01
Num. of pages470