A Short History of Orthodox Christianity in Korea


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In year 2015 we celebrate a 115th anniversary of Korean Orthodox Church. It was founded by Russian missionaries and was functional from 1900 to 1948. After that due to political reasons Russian Orthodox Church could no more work on Korean peninsula. Thus, Korean Orthodox Church was headed by Orthodox Church in America, and from 1956 until now - by Patriarchate of Constantinople. Unfortunately, very few people know about Korean Orthodox Church. The goal of the author of this manuscript is to allow people in Korea and Russia to learn more about Korean Orthodox Church. This book contains a brief overview of turbulent history of Korean Orthodox Church and will be of interest not just to historians but to all kinds of readers. The author gave speeches based on this book at two research conferences in Seoul and Saint Petersburg.

Product Information

AuthorPhilaretus Jiyoon Choi
Publication date2015-03-25
LanguageKorean / Русский
Num. of pages80