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Missionary Leaflets - Vol. 1: Angels - Blessed Messengers of God

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Product Description

This bilingual English-Chinese compilation of Missionary Leaflets covers the topics of Angels—Blessed Messengers of God:

  • Two worlds - physical and spiritual.
  • The nature of angels. Their ranks and ministrations.
  • Fallen angels.
  • The angels' sphere of action in relation to man.
  • The Guardian Angel.
  • Counterfeit angels.
and the End of the World:
  • Awaiting the Second Coming.
  • Signs of the Second Coming.
  • The antichrist.
  • The Second Coming.
  • The Resurrection of the Dead.
  • Universal Judgment.
  • In the addendum:
    • The Inconsistency of Chiliasm.
    • The Inconsistency of the 'Rapture'.

Product Information

AuthorBishop Alexander (Mileant)
PublisherBrotherhood of SS Peter & Paul, Hong Kong / OFASC
Publication date2009-08
LanguageEnglish - Simplified Chinese
Num. of pages136
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